SODT Bakery


The SODT Bakery based up the road at Petworth is now supplying our Delis with their wonderful bread.  SØDT is pronounced soot and is Danish for sweet. SØDT makes traditional artisan breads and pastries alongside a range of original rye based recipes, developed and made exclusively by SØDT. They use natural ingredients and slow fermentation for extra depth of flavour. All their ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.


Fresh bread is delivered daily from Tuesday to Saturday to MIDHURST only at present but before long will also be at Petersfield.  Remember you can also place orders:


Please call 01730 858410 for Midhurst Orders or 01730 260102 for Petersfield Orders before 11.00am for next day pick up


Artisan Baguette - 280g £1.70

Ciabatta - 180g £1.55
Ciabatta - 400g £2.75

An open textured Italian bread made with a sourdough starter, Ciabatta orders need to be placed 48 hours in advance

Focaccia - 1500g
Focaccia 1500g Olive oil & sea salt £7.65
Focaccia 1500g Rosemary £9.35
Focaccia 1500g Tomato & Basil £11.55
Focaccia orders need to be placed 48 hours in advance


Danish Rye - 800g £5.10
A sourdough dark malted wholegrain rye bread with seeds

Nordic Rye - 700g £3.55
A lighter rye bread without whole grains or seeds

Donker Rye - 600g £3.75
Sliced Donker Rye - 600g £4.05

A light yeasted wheat and rye Bavarian style loaf

Corn Bread - 600g £3.75
Sliced Corn Bread - 600g £4.05
A yeasted wheat and maize bread with sunflower seeds

White Tin - 800g £3.15
Sliced White Tin - 800g £3.45
A yeast and sourdough combination for lightness and full flavour

Brown Tin - 800g £3.25
Sliced Brown Tin - 800g £3.55
A yeast and sourdough combination for lightness and full flavour

Sourdough Original - 600g £3.00
Sourdough Sliced Original - 600g £3.30
Sourdough Original - 800g £3.40
Sourdough Sliced Original - 800g £3.75
Troels’ original sourdough recipe. A multi flour loaf with wholemeal, white and rye

SØDT White - 600g £3.00
Sliced SØDT White - 600g £3.30
SØDT White - 800g £3.40
Sliced SØDT White - 800g £3.75
A lighter version of the Original. Holey and chewy

Spelt & Honey - 600g £4.40
Sliced Spelt & Honey - 600g £4.75
Spelt & Honey - 800g £5.00
Sliced Spelt & Honey - 800g £5.35
A spelt and wheat loaf with depth of flavour from the sourdough starter, nutty undertones
from the spelt and a little sweetness from the honey

4 Seed Sour - 600g £4.00
Sliced 4 Seed Sour - 600g £4.35
4 Seed Sour - 800g £5.00
Sliced 4 Seed Sour - 800g £5.35
A multi flour sourdough bread with malty undertones and a mix of seeds

Olive - 600g £3.80
Sliced Olive - 600g £4.15
Olive - 800g £4.25
Sliced Olive - 800g £4.60
A light sourdough bread with pitted black olives

Challah £5.00
A traditional braided Jewish festive bread made with enriched dough