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Back in the 1990s, Jennifer Wood was the copywriter for The Body Shop. For many years she had been drinking a tea called Pouchong (Bao zhong) from the mountains of Taiwan. It was an oolong tea so fragrant, intoxicating and moreish that it changed her life: in 2007 she founded Canton Tea. 


Canton Vision

"Tea should be mesmerising, surprising, romantic"


Real tea isn’t cheap and dusty, stacked high in the supermarket. It’s truly beautiful. Steeped in ancient history. People who drink Canton know this. They understand tea the way we do. Canton is served in some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants in the world. Luxury doesn’t do it justice. Everything is high grade. It’s beyond premium. It’s a work of art.

Our vision is for people to have the same love of handcrafted tea and as much respect for the artisan producers as they do in the tea-drinking cultures of Asia. We want to convey the ancient skills and dedication that have gone into creating these teas and we do this through sharing our passion. Some call it training. We call it Teach - and prefer to see it as inspiring everyone who comes in contact with Canton to want to keep exploring.

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