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Earth to Plate

Soya & Honey glazed Trout with Ginger, Garlic & Chilli stir fried Vegetables.

A very simple, healthy but satisfying and tasty supper. We had Pak Choy, Broccoli, Peas & Onions fresh from the garden to the kitchen. Madeleine's first year of growing own vegetables and thrilled to have prepared a simple but delicious meal using all of these ingredients. We served it with Camargue, Wild & Basmati rice as had some in the larder - feel free to use whichever rice or noodles you wish.

A variation on this recipe is a regular in our house - might be made with salmon, chicken, braised pork or just a bowl of crispy green vegetables.

Serves 4


App. 600g Trout/Salmon

30mls Honey

4 Tbsp Light Soya Sauce

Sunflower Oil

1 Head of Broccoli

1 Pack Pak Choi

1 Bunch Spring Onions

300g Peas/Mange Tout/Sugar Snap Peas

100g Bean Sprouts

1 Red Pepper

4 Small/2 Large Cloves Garlic - grated

3 cm Fat Fresh Ginger - grated

1 Hot Chilli with Seeds - finely sliced chopped

Salt & Pepper


1.Mix the honey and 2 tbsp soya sauce together in a small container. Place the skinned and boned fillets of fish (or if whole divide into 4 equal parts) and lay on a plate. Paint the fish liberally with the honey/soya glaze and season well with pepper.

2. Wash and cut vegetables to a thickness where they will cook evenly. Heat up your suitably sized wok/frying pan to a good old heat with a splash of sunflower oil and tip in your vegetables stirring vigorously just for a couple of minutes until slightly charred but still quite crisp. Stir through the remaining soya sauce, garlic, ginger, chilli and a good grind of black pepper for another minute or so and reduce heat.

3. Lay your fish evenly over the top of the vegetables, pour in any remaining honey and soya left on the plate.and cover with a tight lid and steam until fish just cooked.

4. Serve on a warmed plate with a scattering of crisp bean shoots over the top.

Sometimes we stick an egg on the top - as Mr Madeleine always says "there is nothing that can't be improved with a fried egg" - obviously a matter of opinion but he and I are on the same page with this.

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